Friday, 9 July 2010

Roca Barcelona Gallery (Carles Ferrater, 2009)

Detailed view of the facade from the outside of the building

I visited the Roca Barcelona Gallery due to its interesting facade design, although the facade system is simple, the result is innovative, as the glass is the main feature of the building.

The facade is formed by clear laminated glass louvres put all together through a sealant and supported in steel frames. The glass louvres are positioned at the perpendicular facade plane, giving a very particular and different appearance depending on the day time and the position of the observer.

Night view from the outside of the building
Internal view of the facade

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  1. Hey Renato!

    Tu Blog está muy bien!!

    ¿en que estudio de Arquitectura trabajas o empresa?

    Estoy muy interesado, en gente con conocimientos de muro cortina.



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