Saturday, 1 October 2011

Spherical double curved glass

The rhomboidal bubble double curved glass pane exhibited at the Fad Gallery in Barcelona
The latest achievement in curved glass fabrication was shown at the Fad Gallery in Barcelona.

The façade was designed by  Rafael de La-Hoz and comprises of thousand rhomboidal bubble glass units for a hospital in Mostoles. Cricursa was selected to manufacture the glass panels, also giving technical support during the design process.

The geometry is a double bending, first in one of the axis of the rhomboid, and secondly a spherical shape  sited at the centre of the pane with around 400 mm of deflection.

The glass dimensions are 4900 mm in width, 3360 mm in height and 12 mm thickness. 
The composition includes a low iron glass, with screen-printed in white with a particular pattern, achieving privacy and solar protection.

This is another example how curved annealed glass technology offers versatility and opens up to endless structural possibilities.

The rhomboidal bubble glass pane exhibited at the Fad Gallery in Barcelona

Photos courtesy by Marketing Cricursa


  1. very beautiful. has the architect made a rendering of the completed building?

  2. Please find attached the following link:


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