Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Fascinating glass replacement (Frankfurt, May 2010)

External view of the skylight of the mall in Frankfurt
I came across the replacement of one glass pane within a complex geometry skylight of a mall in Frankfurt (Germany). The three pictures included in this post show the particular situation, when two specialists suspended from a fixed point onto the glass slope were carrying out the operation with precision.
They were breaking the glass into small pieces and dropping them in a provisional gutter fixed in the glass below. I did not see any piece of glass falling out of the gutter during the time that I observed the process. Furthermore, noone in the mall appeared to notice such a sensitive operation. 
In view of the explained above, they deserved to be named as specialists.
View from the inside the mall during the glass replacement
The specialists are breaking the glass into small pieces and collected into the provisional gutter


  1. Renato Cilento19 May 2010 at 22:50

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  2. These are great photos and it is a very fascinating replacement, Renato. Your blog (and your English) is fantastic! -- Gillian


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