Saturday, 20 March 2010

Abu Dhabi and Dubai Experience

Last week was very exciting, as I spent two days in Abu Dhabi (12th and 13th of March) and one day in Dubai (14th of March).

Although the short trip, it was such a great experience to explore a new culture from my point of view as a facade engineer.

Early in the morning, just arrived from Barcelona, I went to run with my camera through Abu Dhabi city. I did two of my passions at the same time: running and exploring façades. I took many pictures of buildings under construction.

I realised how the weather is different compared with my home town, being more hot and humid. Although I couldn’t run as fast as usual, I enjoyed the run, as I was so focused to explore all the buildings around. 

During my exploration in the city centre, I observed that the facade design employed in high rise buildings were pretty much the same with facade stick systems and reflective glass filling the curtain walls. I seldom saw different types of solar protections or materials.

When I visited Berlin with the same exploration method, running through the city, I immediately noticed a wide range of facade designs, materials and structural systems.

After a long run, I got to the Emirates Palace, as I had an appointment  with my travel-mates, who we were going to take part in the Abu Dhabi International Thriatlon on Saturday. By the way, I took part in the running race.

The race was a success, as there were many of the best athletes, such as Faris Al-Sultan, Graves, Eneko Llanos, Virginia Berasategui, Julie Dibbens. But for me, the best one was Santos Caballeros from Spain, I had never seen an athlete like him.

The last day of our intensive trip took place in Dubai. We visited the Palm Jumeirah, the Mall of Emirates, Ski Dubai, Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa,  to get a bit of  idea about how Dubai was.

Special mention for my friend Emi Molina, who raised donations in Abu Dhabi for his foundation triforcauses.

Etihad towers under construction in Abu Dhabi
Typical building under construction in Abu Dhabi city. It can be noticed the stick facade system and the reflective glass as main cladding.

Sunset in Abu Dhabi prior the race went off, with the Emirates Palace and the Etihad towers at the back.
The writer testing a bike
My friends Emi Molina on the left and Santos Caballero on the right, both proud to meet the outstanding triathlete Eneko Llanos


  1. Y yo que pensé que era el único loco de las fachadas y las bicis (¿qué ruedas son esas? yo tengo unas Fulcrum Racing Zero), qué desilusión.

    Suerte Renato.

    Luis Iglesias

  2. Gran experiencia!!!!!Genial!!!

  3. Me es de agrado comprobar que además de la pasión por las facahadas compartimos, por lo que veo también el gusto, por las bicis.

    Luis Iglesias

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